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Raymond Rodriguez

Southwest Valve & Equipment

(714) 269-3250

February 2023 HDMWA Class Instructor

About Southwest Valve & Equipment

Our employees have detailed working knowledge of potable and recycled water systems, water and wastewater treatment plants, pipelines, pump stations, reservoirs, and flow control facilities.  Southwest Valve & Equipment's (SVE) knowledge base provides engineering firms and end users with design support for their projects with the correct products for the application. 


SVE understands the difference between the "correct" product for the application and a product that will "just work" for the application.  A correct product incorporates the longevity of service; takes into account the environment of installation, system continuity, minimizing MRO, and where applicable, modifications to standard product offerings to customize the operation for the required service.

SVE uses published industry text, guidelines, standards, research, and publications combined with our hands-on knowledge and experience of applications and installations.  Our team offers the most up-to-date, sustainable custom manufacturing solutions.  We only source materials from tried and trusted suppliers that meet our exacting standards of quality control.

Profile Pic_Edgar Ortusiastigue.jpg

Edgar Ortusiastigue

California Rural Water Association

April 2023 HDMWA Class Instructor

Incorporated in 1990, the California Rural Water Association (CRWA) has emerged as the state's leading association dedicated to providing on-site technical assistance and specialized training for rural water and wastewater professionals. CRWA's governing Board of Directors, administrative staff, and technical field specialists work in concert to offer CRWA members an expansive range of essential programs and member services. 

Whether a system needs help developing a new rate schedule, setting up proper testing methods, understanding those ever-changed and complex government regulations, preparing a Consumer Confidence Report (CCR), or updating operator certification requirements, California Rural Water Association is ready with assistance.

201906_Wendell Smith and Mario Miranda_C

Wendell Smith and Mario Miranda

Charles P. Crowley Company
15861 Business Center Drive
Irwindale, CA 91706
Contact (626) 856-5656

June 2023 HDMWA Class Instructor

The Charles P. Crowley Company is a family-owned manufacturers’ representative firm, founded in 1932 by Charles P. Crowley, Sr. and expanded by Paul Crowley to establish the company as a worldwide leader in liquid and dry chemical feed systems integration. In its third generation, managed by Jon Crowley, the company continues to capitalize on its strengths in chemical feed and equipment packaging, while also offering select process equipment. The Charles P. Crowley Company serves its customers both as a Manufacturers’ Representative and as a Systems Integrator.


The company remains an Exclusive Representative for quality engineered equipment manufacturers in the following markets:

• Municipal Water and Wastewater

• Industrial Water and Wastewater

• Petrochemical Industry

• Power Industry

• Food/Beverage Industries

• Industrial Process Applications

• Resale/OEM”

Karin Tuerffs Profile Pic.jpg

Karin Tuerffs

Golden Sun Marketing

20435 S. Susana Rd.

Long Beach, CA 90810

(714) 505-9319

August 2023 HDMWA Class Instructor

Since 1994, Golden Sun Marketing (GSM) has only represented a small number of the most reputable manufacturers in the industry to make sure we can devote the proper attention and time to their products and customers.

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