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Jeff Varney

Regional Sales Engineer

Western Regional Office

CLA-Val Co.

February 2019 HDMWA Class Instructor/Meeting Speaker

Vendor Member

Since 1936, Cla-Val has produced the world's highest quality automatic control valves for a diverse array of industries.  Established in South Pasadena with just five employees, Cla-Val moved to its present home, a twenty-acre property in Costa Mesa, California in 1954.  The worldwide headquarters in Costa Mesa features two in-house foundries as well as a manufacturing operation with more than four acres under roof.

Over the years, Cla-Val has continued to strengthen its operational and customer service capabilities around the world by enhancing product lines and building lines and building state-of-the-art production facilities and warehouses in Canada, Switzerland, France, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand.  All of our major locations also have dedicated training centers onsite.


Jim Purzycki


20435 S. Susana Rd.

Long Beach, CA 90810

Contact: Phil Purzycki

(800) 458-3492

April 2019 HDMWA Class Instructor

BAVCO is the Country’s largest Master Part Distributor of original factory parts for backflow preventers. Every part for every model and size of assembly is in stock and ready for our same day shipping guarantee. Visit our web site at where you can access a complete collection of specifications, pictures, dimensions, parts breakdowns, and repair information for all 22 of the backflow assembly manufacturers. We can help with your repair parts needs. We are repair parts specialists.

201906_Wendell Smith and Mario Miranda_C

Wendell Smith and Mario Miranda

Charles P. Crowley Company
15861 Business Center Drive
Irwindale, CA 91706
Contact (626) 856-5656

June 2019 HDMWA Class Instructor/Meeting Speaker

The Charles P. Crowley Company is a family-owned manufacturers’ representative firm, founded in 1932 by Charles P. Crowley, Sr. and expanded by Paul Crowley to establish the company as a worldwide leader in liquid and dry chemical feed systems integration. In its third generation, managed by Jon Crowley, the company continues to capitalize on its strengths in chemical feed and equipment packaging, while also offering select process equipment. The Charles P. Crowley Company serves its customers both as a Manufacturers’ Representative and as a Systems Integrator.


The company remains an Exclusive Representative for quality engineered equipment manufacturers in the following markets:

• Municipal Water and Wastewater

• Industrial Water and Wastewater

• Petrochemical Industry

• Power Industry

• Food/Beverage Industries

• Industrial Process Applications

• Resale/OEM”


Raymond Rodriguez

Mueller Co. - James Jones Warehouse
1470 Vintage Ave.
Ontario, CA 91761
Contact: Raymond Rodriguez
(800) 458-3492

August/October 2019 HDMWA Class Instructor/Meeting Speaker


Since 1857, the Mueller name has become known for innovative water distribution products of superior quality, many of which have become industry standards.  This leadership position has resulted in our valves or hydrants being specified in the 100 largest metropolitan areas in the United States.  We also provide distribution products for the natural gas industry.  Our products enable utilities to regulate the flow of water and gas as they are transmitted from source to customer.  Mueller Co. is a subsidiary of Mueller Water Products, Inc. (NYSE: MWA).


  • Thoughtfully designed to make application and installation as easy and error-free as possible.

  • Includes features intended to enhance maintainability and help assure that the full-service life of the product is attained.

  • Is backed by the Mueller engineering, manufacturing, sales training, and customer service staff to promote the purchaser's satisfaction before and after the sale.

  • Benefits the purchaser with long-term value that goes beyond the purchase price, helping to reduce lifetime cost of ownership.

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